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Residential Care Program

The Residential Care Program addresses the needs of individuals with serious and persistent psychiatric disorders who require up to 24 hour supervised support and assistance with activities of daily living through living with Residential Care Home Operators in the community.

People who have a long history of mental illness, and who have had many or lengthy hospital admissions may need intensive supervised support in the community for a period of time. Residential Care is required if a consumer does not have the necessary skills to live in supported housing, or expresses a desire to learn skills in a group/residential setting. It should be viewed as a flow-through option that helps consumers move on to supported housing, wherever possible.

Best practices in Residential Housing include:

  • Clients are encouraged and empowered to develop social support networks, peer support and family contact
  • Housing is small and homelike, and ensures a level of privacy
  • Housing is located within easy access to services and amenities and is indistinguishable from other houses in the neighbourhood
  • Plan of care, including length of stay, is determined by the client
  • Cients participate in decision-making about aspects of the management of the residence
  • Operators are trained in client-centred care philosophy

The Residential Care Coordinator recruits and inspects all Mental Health Residential Care Homes in the Interlake Region of Manitoba prior to approval, annually and randomly throughout the year, to ensure that Home Operators are meeting provincial standards. These homes are designed to be supportive family-focused homes for clients who are unable to live independently, who do not require institutional care, and who are able to access and participate in community activities with a varying degree of assistance from the Home Operator. The focus of Residential Care is on maintaining and enhancing the individual skills of the client, to maximize their independence and to promote dignity and confidence. The Home Operator assists with activities of daily living in the least intrusive manner and in a way that communicates caring and sensitivity to the needs of the client.

The objectives of the Residential Care Program are:

  • To make the best match for both the client and the Home Operator and to offer the supports needed to make the placement a successful and positive experience for both. We strive for an integrated, home-like atmosphere where the client is a participating and respected member of the family.
  • Recruitment, inspection, approval and regulation of Residential Care Homes.
  • Comprehensive training of Residential Care Home Operators.
  • Facilitation of annual workshops on pertinent topics of interest for Home Operators with mental health clients.
  • Advertisement and promotion of the Residential Care Program.
  • On-going networking with other mental health professionals.

If you are interested in this program and would like more information please contact Brian Yuzdepski at 482-9723 or email at

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